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Chronicles of Darkness: 2010

Classic World of Darkness: 2010

Trinity Universe: 2010

Events Edit

  • The Hototogisu formally adress all established vampiric factions within Tokyo, offering them to join a new, unified government of the supernatural. [1]
  • The Mekhet Basil meets with the Sin-Eater Tajea in California to deal with the Parasite, an otherworldly entity which has afflicted him.[2]
  • Tajea meets with a mage going by the Shadow Name of Horus. Horus informs her about the Parasite's origin and possible ways to destroy it.[3]
  • Tajea meets with the Promethean Charlie in San Francisco, discussing her problem with the Parasite. During their talks, Charlie brings her on a trace that proves fruitful.[4]
  • Tajea realizes that the entity is the creature that killed the mortal from whom her Geist sprang, and uses that knowledge to destroy it when Basil and her meet again in Oakland.[5]

References Edit

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