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Real life: 2001

Chronicles of Darkness: 2001

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Trinity Universe: 2001


  • "An Ancient Land", the first part of the Ancient Lands pentalogy is released in North America by Michael T. Carson. The books quickly become popular among the Sleepers, who are unaware that the books were actually written under the influence of a Free Council mage and contain satirical personifications of the Atlantean Diamond as well as some rotes. Following the release of the book, some Sleepers are rumored to Awaken after finishing the pentalogy.[1]

January Edit

  • January 1: At 12:01 AM, the former handler of the artifact secured one year ago is physically aged up to 115 years. Despite being a mere apprentice, he uses multiple Master-level Spells to overpower the guardians of the artifacts, only to putrefy and turn into dust once he touches it. The Mysterium reacts by constructing a special Athaneum called Vault II near Denver.[2]

April Edit

  • April 3: Vault II is attacked and overwhelmed by a force of five Scelesti. Two of them were later identified as apparently revived members of the original Free Council cabal. A new Athaneum called Vault III is constructed at a secret location to house the artifact.[3]

September Edit

  • September 11: Al-Quaeda terrorists attack the World Trade Center in New York City.
    • In the aftermaths of the attacks, the Autumn Court quickly becomes one of the most powerful Courts in most american cities, feeding on the increasing paranoia and fear. [4]


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