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Real life: 1969

Chronicles of Darkness: 1969

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Trinity Universe: 1969

Events Edit

  • Actress Sharon Tate is murdered by the Manson Family.[1]

June Edit

  • June 28: Police raid the largest gay club in the United States, the Stonewall Inn of Greenwich village. Partially owned by the Mafia, the club had raised suspicion before. This time, however, the patrons defend themselves against perceived discrimination.[2]

July Edit

  • July 20: Astronauts Neil Armstrong, Buzz Aldrin, and Mike Collins land on the Moon. Spirits of technology, food, fuel, light, heat, joy, accomplishment, faith, fear, and courage are brought with them, providing raw materials for the banished idigam. When the astronauts return, they bring at least four of the newly-awakened idigam back with them.[3]

References Edit

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