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  • March 19:Voskhod 2 space shuttle falls into the Ural mountains by accident. Soviet cosmonauts find themselves surrounded by threatening wolves. These wolves are actually Red Talons debating whether or not to kill them. They finally reach the consensus that it would be bad to kill humans attempting to leave the planet, and allow the cosmonauts to be rescued. [12]


  • August 11: A highway patrol stops a group of two black men near Watts, Los Angeles, for reckless and possibly drunk driving. It comes to tensions and the situation spins out of control as other afro american inhabitants of Watts attack the police. The Watts riots follow. The Sabbat uses the chaos of the riot to invade the Free State.[13]
  • August 12: In the second night of the Watts riots, the Sabbat manages to drive the Anarchs into the defensive. The Cardinal supervising the crusade declares an easy victory.[14]
  • August 13: Under the leadership of MacNeil, Attucks and Garcia, the Anarchs mount a counter-attack against the Sabbat invasion of Los Angeles. The battle becomes more intense and violent than any of the Second Revolt.[14]
  • August 17: After four nights of battle, the Cardinal calls of the crusade, knowing that even if the Sabbat would defeat the Anarchs, it could not hold the territory. More than a half of the defending Anarchs have met Final Death. Despite the victory, the Anarchs continue to bicker and fall into gang conflicts.[14]


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