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Events Edit

  • After a seven-day long heat wave roasts Mexico City, an image of “a bare-legged woman holding a spear” appeared in the bubbled paint of a road-side chapel on the edge of town. The image was so clear, it was first discovered by mortals, who were soon carried away by Sanctified Priests as evidence of a Masquerade breach. The ritual symbolism of the image was then studied by Anointed contemplatives, who concluded it to be Livia the Whore, mother of Longinus. Finding it difficult to keep the chapel closed to kine, and with word of mysterious disappearances spreading through the neighborhood, the local Sanctified photographed the image, recorded what they considered to be its ritual significance and then destroyed the chapel.[1]
  • The first meeting of the Bilderberg Group takes place in a Swiss hotel.[2]

References Edit

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