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Real life: 1947

Chronicles of Darkness: 1947

Classic World of Darkness: 1947

Trinity Universe: 1947

Events Edit

  • The "Flamingo" opens in Las Vegas.[1]
  • The Woolworth Building in Scranton, Pennsylvania, is destroyed in a massive fiery explosion without any apparent trigger. This is because the attack targeted the Woolworth Building in New York, but was transferred to Scranton via a defense Infrastructure.[2]

March Edit

  • The remains of six Kindred are discovered in a bottling factory in Culver City owned by the city’s Prince. Among them are two Primogen and three of their high-ranking operatives. Each has been torn to pieces. Their heads and hearts are missing.[3]

July Edit

  • July 7: Rumors tell that around Roswell, New Mexico, an unidentified flying object crashes. The government claims that it was merely a weather balloon, although several ufologists are convinced that it were actually aliens.[4]

References Edit

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