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Real life: 1945

Chronicles of Darkness: 1945

Classic World of Darkness: 1945

Trinity Universe: 1945

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  • A very large Flock of the Talons of Horus is seen this year; whether or not this was the Great Flock is unknown. The Great Flock's last confirmed sighting was in 1349.[14]

February Edit

  • February 17: Alan Turing sends a letter to Roger Thackery regarding Turing's cracking of the Enigma code. He realizes he'll be asked to demonstrate how he did it once the war's over, so he's asked the Sons of Ether to construct a primitive version of one of their computers to use, knowing it will be dissected and copied. Turing also contemplates Virtual Reality and the potential of intelligent machines, which he realizes may anger the other Conventions, so urges the idea be kept secret for as long as possible.[29]

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