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Real life: 1945

Chronicles of Darkness: 1945

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Trinity Universe: 1945

Events Edit

  • 1939-1945: World War II
  • The Prince (Kaiser) of Berlin, Clara von Magdeburg, vanishes without warning, along with her bank accounts. Without her, the Shadow Empire, the social order of the local Kindred, collapses into vicious infighting as all grasp for the final straws.[1]

April Edit

August Edit

  • August 6: Hiroshima is attacked by the United States, who employ the first atomic bombs.[3]
  • August 7: The british Ordo Dracul tries Ioan Dragolescu, founder of the Dragolescu bloodline, for his sympathies to the Third Reich. Dragolescu makes a prediction that a member of his bloodline would one night arise to complete the ritual he had begun, and become the unliving embodiment of all of world’s unquiet dead. Later, he immolates himself, rather than facing the sentence of the court.[2]

September Edit

  • September 2: Japan signs the capitulation before the Allies, officially ending World War II.[4]


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