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  • Japan sees a series of conquests from the Pacific to the border of India. After the Battle of Modway, their army is gradually beaten back and confined to its own borders.[12]
  • Orson Welles visits Carnival in Rio de Janeirio for the documentary film project It's All True. He captures footage of Bone Gnawer elders dancing in the streets. He also catches Suarez, the Kindred Prince of Rio on film accidentally breaking the Masquerade. Suarez calls the studio, which cuts Welles’ funding. The footage is destroyed. [14]
  • The spring issue of Paradigma includes "A Call for All Good Scientists" to join the good fight against Hitler, from Professor Burn.[16]
  • The winter issue of Paradigma includes a note from Doctor Danvers that the Allied forces' recent victories can be traced to Danvers' protégé, Jet Boy.[16]
  • Michael "Firecracker" McPherson, bani Euthanatos, gives sanctuary to an Austrian wraith. Tattooed on the wraith's body are words in archaic French, English, Italian and Greek, with new names and modern things in the text. The text prophecies that the "children of Abraham and of Daenna" will be destroyed.[20] Auchmann gives McPherson a list of mages involved in the atrocities of the Holocaust.[21]

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