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Real life: 1933

Chronicles of Darkness: 1933

Classic World of Darkness: 1933

Trinity Universe: 1933

Events Edit

  • Ioan Dragolescu receives numerous guests for a seance. During the seance, Dragolescu claims to have a vision that the Dragon will rise again, and that as before, he would lay waste to his country and slay a multitude. This time, however, he would use the “breath of the Dragon,” rather than his claws.[1]
  • Pulp writer, and Scelestus Apostate, Richard Chislak dies through the effects of pneumonia. His last work is about the oriental "Temple of Zanak Khan".[2]
  • The God-Machine sends the Angel known as "Herr Arger" to Berlin, with the instructions of creating a cult which would serve its designs. Among the occult scene of Berlin, Herr Arger singles out the Thule Society, who construct a piece of Infrastructure known as the Widdershins Windmill.[3]

References Edit

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