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Real life: 1929

Chronicles of Darkness: 1929

Classic World of Darkness: 1929

Trinity Universe: 1929

Events Edit

  • Admiral Richard E. Byrd makes a flight over the north pole. In his radio transmission, he reports seeing a land of lush vegetation, lakes, large buffaloes or mammoths, and humans. The radio transmission is cut off. A newsreel is shown in theatres including this flight and the 1926 flight, but apparently evidence of this Hollow Earth can be seen. The newsreel is never shown again.[1][2][3]
  • Rabbi Elihu Witz is born.[4]
  • The Great Depression hits.[5]
  • The Third Edition Revised of The Theophanies is printed for new Choristers.[6]
  • The Hamitic Hypothesis is first formulated, which claims that all civilization in Africa came from the mediterranean Hamites, who brought civilization to the sub-saharan Negroids.[7]
  • The Fourth Great Maelstrom is finally quelled.[8]

References Edit

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