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  • Paradigma's summer issue contains commentary on the Kitab al Alacir by Sir Lawrence Cabot. His commentary influences all future translators of the work.[1]
  • Professor Vargo goes into hiding, taking all his work and his acolytes with him.[2]
  • "Jacob" returns to the Arcanum once more, meeting with everyone he had met before and the Executive Committee. His continued youthfulness lends further credence to his claims of immortality. He never appears again, although it's rumoured he maintains correspondence with Winthrop Murray.[3]
  • Josepha de Espronceda escapes to Madrid, where she attempts to enter medical school. After being rejected multiple times, a doctor offers to help her, but instead doses her up with laudanum and rapes her.[4]
  • The Nevada Legislature declares Las Vegas county seat of the newly-formed Clark County. A brief upsurge in prospects occurs as a result.[5]
  • Utopian Scientist Mathieu Hullebusch tries to overthrow the colonial government of the Belgian Congo with flying automatons. To diffuse controversy, Etherite society refers to him and his ilk as Adventurers.[6]


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