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Events Edit

  • All known sorcerers on the Hawaiian islands are rounded up. Those who resist (most of them) are shot and fed to sharks.[1]

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October Edit

  • Massimo Linarelli, an Italian Journeyman with the Arcanum, is in private communications with a clergyman in Rome who appears to be an expert in demonology. Although he speaks to no one about his intentions, he receives a telegram from Benjamen Holmscroft that the priest is with the Society of Leopold and is attempting to infiltrate the Arcanum, so he is not to be offered membership.[3]

November Edit

  • November 24: Winthrop Murray writes about the success of the Arcanum after a year in existence. They are now 48 Journeymen strong, with a full 29 living at Holmscroft Manor, and a further five associates. They have a specialist in nearly every occult realm, and although Benjamen Holmscroft is undoubtedly the one in charge, he seems to "know much but offers little."[4]

December Edit

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