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Real life: 1865

Chronicles of Darkness: 1865

Classic World of Darkness: 1865

Trinity Universe: 1865

Events Edit

  • Jan van Rensselaer, a clerk in a bank, suddenly has his spiritual third eye fully opened, and he collapses in ecstasy. The bank manager fires him, but one of the bank's customers, Sir Adamson Tisdale (a member of a secret mystic order), recognizes the import of the event and takes van Rensselaer as his new apprentice.[3]
  • Galton publishes his work on statistical genetics.[11]
  • Over 100 Ashcroft mine workers are trapped in an access tunnel as it fills with water. William Jameson determines it's more cost-effective to simply hire new workers rather than blast out the trapped workers. It takes them six hours to die.[14]

November Edit

References Edit

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1864 1800s

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