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Events Edit

  • 1857-1858: Sepoy Mutiny. The Sepoys of the East India Company, encouraged by a lack of British troops through the Crimean War, turn against them. Spurred on by rumors that the british are to issue new ammunition greased with pig or cow fat, revolts break out. A major group of muslim Sepoys intends to restore the Mughal Empire and even call the aging emperor back into office. The conflicts end with the defeat of the rebels and the dissolution of the East India Company, placing India directly under Imperial rule.[1]
  • T. Jens' The French Motet and Chorus Death-Song and Lampiour's Nine United are published by Granadine Press.[2]
  • A sketch is made of the Winter Castle.[3]
  • Monks and abbots debate pray and hold Eucharist in St. John's Abbey starting in this year.[4]
  • President Buchanan sends federal troops to Utah. Casualties on both sides continue their unfinished business in the Dark Umbra.[5]


  • May 10: A major mutiny among the Sepoys deployed in India breaks out, more than British officers and loyal Sepoys can handle.[1]

September Edit

References Edit

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