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Events Edit

  • The New York City government sets aside an 800-acre area on Manhattan Island for a park, reasoning that the area was impossible to bring business into. This same area had been the site of an Imperial Moot a year before, and had in fact been turned into a caern.[1]
  • Lord Canning decides to deploy Sepoy mercenaries overseas, which would incur loss of caste by Hindu Sepoys.[3]

Notes Edit

  • ^  Marcella Decia's reign is listed as spanning from 1831 to 1556. This is clearly a typo, and we consider 1856 to be the true date.

References Edit

  1. WTA: Werewolf: The Apocalypse Rulebook, p. 252
  2. MTAs: Beyond the Barriers: The Book of Worlds, p. 140
  3. KOTE: Sunset Empires, p. 44

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