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Real life: 1855

Chronicles of Darkness: 1855

Classic World of Darkness: 1855

Trinity Universe: 1855

Events Edit

  • The first Imperial Moot is called in North America, held on New York City's Manhattan Island. During the Imperial Moot a Rite of Caern Building was enacted, in which the vast number of Garou present supplied an unheard of amount of Gnosis to create a caern amidst a city already in the thrall of the Weaver. The revel that followed was also reputably impressive. The caern created there is better known by the name of the sept that tends it in the modern day: the Sept of the Green.[1]
  • Mormon missionaries settle in the area destined to become Las Vegas.[2]

References Edit

  1. WTA: Werewolf: the Apocalypse Rulebook, p. 252
  2. MTAs: The Fallen Tower: Las Vegas, p. 54
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