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Real life: 1845

Chronicles of Darkness: 1845

Classic World of Darkness: 1845

Trinity Universe: 1845

Events Edit

  • 1845-1849: The Potato Famine strikes in Ireland; Fianna Kinfolk are among the many who flee Ireland to escape the famine and suffering there. In addition, the virulent spread of the blight is accompanied by a thick miasma in the Umbra that would cast spirits into Slumber should they come upon it. The exact nature of this Umbral fog is still a mystery.[1]
  • 1845-1846: First Sikh War between the East India Company and the Sikh Empire. The East India Company gains control over Kashmir.[2]
  • By this time, Las Vegas is the most popular camping spot on the Spanish Trail.[5]
  • Based on irregularities in Uranus] orbit, English astronomer John Couch calculated the orbit of a planet theorized to be interfering gravitationally. Without actual observations, his findings are largely ignored.[6]

References Edit

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