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Events Edit

  • 1803-1805: The Second Maratha War between the East India Company and the Maratha Empire.[1]
  • The 24th official meeting of the Camarilla's Inner Circle.
  • Nosferatu scouts discover the system of tunnels connecting pits and other Black Spiral Dancer territories in Scandinavia. Soon after forces of the Sabbat begin to invade the area, hoping to use the “spirit tunnels” to establish a haven from the Camarilla. Black Spiral Dancers considered this not only a threat to their territory, but also to the Veil, as the bloody celebrations of the Sabbat were dangerously public. A war started between the two groups, until a vision quest by a Black Spiral Dancer pack revealed a connection between the leader of the local Sabbat (the Archbishop of Stockholm) and the Beast-of-War. Seeing this connection, the two groups managed to make an alliance and end the conflict.[2]

References Edit

  1. KOTE: Sunset Empires, p. 44
  2. WTA: Book of the Wyrm Second Edition, p. 84
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