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Real life: 1801

Chronicles of Darkness: 1801

Classic World of Darkness: 1801

Trinity Universe: 1801

Events Edit

  • A Sanctified sorcerer laying torpid in flooded basement beneath Venice was roused from her sleep by a vision. She dreamt that Amoniel dropped a wooden spear into a canal, and the spear floated through a crack in the foundation of a Venetian church to strike the skeletal remains of a body buried in the catacombs there. When she awoke, she sought the canal she’d seen in her vision and followed the spear’s path to the catacombs. Therein she found a skull etched with spirals of Latin texts describing a previously unknown Theban Sorcery ritual.[1]

References Edit

  1. VTR: Lancea Sanctum (book), p. 189
1800 1800s

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