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Real life: 1798

Chronicles of Darkness: 1798

Classic World of Darkness: 1798

Trinity Universe: 1798

Events Edit

  • During the Castle Hill uprising (which involved some Fianna Kinfolk), a pack of Fianna go to King Earl Blaze of the Silver Fangs to air their grievances; they are attacked by members of King Blaze's court, but manage to kill the king himself before they die. Greymane Sleekfur will succeed Blaze as king of the Silver Fangs in Australia. [1]
  • With aid from France, Ireland rebels against British rule. They are brutally defeated and forced into an Act of Union.[3]

References Edit

  1. WTA: Rage Across Australia, p. 18
  2. MTAs: Tradition Book: Dreamspeakers, p. 75
  3. WTA: Tribebook: Fianna, p. 27

1797 1700s

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