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Real life: 1765

Chronicles of Darkness: 1765

Classic World of Darkness: 1765

Trinity Universe: 1765

Events Edit

  • The East India Company is granted Diwani (lordship) over Bengal by the Mughal Emperor. Through this act, the Company gains the effective control over the neighbouring province Bihar.[1]

September Edit

  • One of the two Kinfolk wolves accompanying Blackfang in his reign of terror as the Beast of Gevaudan is slain by Antoine de Beauterne, a renowned wolfhunter and game warden. The French thing that Blackfang himself has been killed and celebrate, but Blackfang soon begins to kill again. [2]

References Edit

  1. KOTE: Sunset Empires, p. 43
  2. WTA: Tribebook: Shadow Lords, p. 93

1764 1700s

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