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Events Edit

  • The East India Company is granted Diwani (lordship) over Bengal by the Mughal Emperor. Through this act, the Company gains the effective control over the neighbouring province Bihar.[1]
  • The founders of the American Revolution meet under an elm tree in Hanover Square, Boston, to talk politics, current affairs, and war. Colonel Barre gives a speech before the British Parliament calling these rebellious colonists the Sons of Liberty.[2]

August Edit

  • August 14th, the Sons of Liberty hang an effigy of Andrew Oliver, the stamp master, from the branches of the elm tree. When the British Militia disobey their orders to remove the effigy, for fear of inciting a riot, the Sons cut it down themselves and marched it through town to be burnt on Fort Hill in full view of the Stamp Master's house.[3]

September Edit

  • One of the two Kinfolk wolves accompanying Blackfang in his reign of terror as the Beast of Gevaudan is slain by Antoine de Beauterne, a renowned wolfhunter and game warden. The French thing that Blackfang himself has been killed and celebrate, but Blackfang soon begins to kill again. [4]

References Edit

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