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Real life: 1735

Chronicles of Darkness: 1735

Classic World of Darkness: 1735

Trinity Universe: 1735

Events Edit

  • The Janissaries fight for greater representation on the Council of Nine, seeking to unseat certain Traditions. This fuels resentment among most Traditions to Doissetep's meddling in Horizon affairs.[1]
  • The battle between the Wu Lung and the Akashic Brotherhood culminates when the Shaolin aid a peasant rebellion against the Manchurian Chi'ing dynasty. The emperor asks Li Te-yu, the Thousand-Tiger Lord, to help storm the Shaolin Temple. The attack is successful, shattering the Akashics' power in China.[2][3]
  • Lord Alfred Craven presents King George II with the unpublished manuscript of the Chronicle of the Black Labyrinth. George II orders all copies to be burned and Lord Craven beheaded because the book was anti-Scottish and the king himself was part Scottish. [4]
  • New York newspaper publisher John Peter Zenger is tried for sedition against the Monarchy. Wyrm agents attempt to rig the trial. Warders of Men realize that the trial has Wyrmish influence and fight back, but it is Andrew Hamilton’s speech before the jury that causes him to be found innocent.[5]

References Edit

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