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Real life: 1604

Chronicles of Darkness: 1604

Classic World of Darkness: 1604

Trinity Universe: 1604

Events Edit

  • Several Rosy Cross brothers, including the author of the Fama, uncover a concealed door in a hidden location (probably Germany). Inscribed on the door is a Latin phrase: Post Centum Viginti Annos Patebo, or "after 120 years I will reappear." Inside the vault are countless literary treasures and the immaculate body of Christian Rosenkreutz.[1]
  • Samuel Chaplain founds Acadia in Nova Scotia. Some Canadian Silver Fangs later claim that their ancestors arrived in Canada at this time, but the other tribes doubt this. [2]

References Edit

  1. MTAs: Halls of the Arcanum, p. 26
  2. WTA: A World of Rage Bullet-pdf Bullet-nip

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