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The 17th century in the Classic World of Darkness.


  • The Artificers' work in optics is very important to physics in this century.[3]
  • The Seneca, Mohawk, Oneida, Cayuga and Onondaga nations unite to form the Iroquois Confederacy.[5]
  • Chinese organized crime has its roots in this century.[6]
  • The study of alchemy becomes more scientific and less metaphysical.[8] It is still mired in secrecy, symbolism and allegory, as can be seen with the treatise Twelve Keys.[9]
  • This century and the next sees the rise of a new type of scholar: the artist-engineer.[12]
  • The increasing European hegemony allows the Hippocratic Circle to contact "lost" Cosians elsewhere in the world in order to become a truly global organization.[13]
  • The Wu Lung offer the emperor the magic and martial abilities to stop the Shaolin. The Wu Lung help the emperor storm the Shaolin Temple (coincidentally where the Akashic Brotherhood also train), shattering the Akashics' power in China and creating further enmity between the two societies.[14]
  • The Wu Lung's Phoenix Empress shares her insights into Life magic with a small group of female students; these Phoenixes become the first female members of the organization.[15]
  • The Seventh Generation turns European colonists in America against the Native Americans. It also orchestrates witch hunts. [18]

Early 1600s Edit

  • The Ananasi known as Tomas Hogarth is known to have lived since at least this time period, and may have been around well before that.[21]
  • England suffers a religious and political revolution in the mid-to-late 1600s.[22]

Mid-1600s Edit

  • The Order of Reason falls into their own civil war, and no longer have anything that can seriously be called a central leadership.[23]

Late 1600s Edit


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