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Real life: 1593

Chronicles of Darkness: 1593

Classic World of Darkness: 1593

Trinity Universe: 1593

Events Edit

  • A Quaesitor Tribunal gives a geas to Duke Cornelius de Houtmann in punishment for destroying a Talisman belonging to the visiting Sultan of Kashan. Houtmann is charged to locate and return the fabled Jeweled Moon of Pejeng, to be given to the Sultan. Houtmann finds the Moon, but keeps it, and dies in agony. No one knows why, or what became of the Moon.[1]

January Edit

  • Siam emerges triumphant when Crown Prince Naresuan slays the Burmese prince in a duel atop elephants.[2]

References Edit

  1. MTAs: Order of Hermes Tradition Book, p. 15
  2. MTAs: Dragons of the East, p. 16

1592 1500s

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