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Real life: 1484

Chronicles of Darkness: 1484

Classic World of Darkness: 1484

Trinity Universe: 1484

Events Edit

  • The Third Council of the Council of Nine meets in Horizon.[1]
  • According to the Fama, Father Christian dies, unaffected by disease, but summoned instead by the spirit of God.[2]
  • Pope Innocent IV releases his Witch-Bull,Summis desiderantes, which condemns witchcraft as a practice but does not classify it as a heresy. In response, Kramer and Sprengel compose the Malleus Maleficarum, a treatise warning of the presence of witches in European society.[3] The Catholic church rejects the Malleus almost immediately, even going so far as to censure Kramer, but it nonetheless becomes a guidebook for secular courts.[4][5]

References Edit

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