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Real life: 1446

Chronicles of Darkness: 1446

Classic World of Darkness: 1446

Trinity Universe: 1446

Events Edit

  • At a secret meeting, a large number of younger Lasombra agree to join the Brujah in revolting against their elders. Grantiano is not present at this meeting. In response to the ensuing deaths of many older Lasombra, the elders of the major European clans agree (at least in principle) to cooperate with each other, laying the groundwork for the eventual formation of the Camarilla.[1] (It should be noted that this contradicts the timeline of events described in other books. See the Anarch Revolt article for more information)

References Edit

  1. VTM: Guide to the Anarchs, p. 14 , 17
  2. MTSC: Mage: The Sorcerers Crusade Rulebook, p. 56

1445 1400s

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