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Events Edit

  • The Council of Basel-Ferrata-Florence under Pope Eugenius IV is held, which fails to reunificate the Greek Orthodox and Roman Catholic Churches. Dissent within the Catholic Church over the role of the advising cardinals leads to the short-lived appointment of Felix V as rival pope, although he has to quickly stand down.[1]
  • Wallachians led by Hunyadi win major victories. Janos Hunyadi overcomes the opposition of the Hungarian nobility and is chosen as “governor of Hungary.” He is considered the “true ruler of the Hungarian kingdom.”[2]
  • The eighth meeting of the Order of Reason's Inner Circle, advancing the Time Table.[3][4]
  • Lodge Wars of Tuscany end. Various guilds claiming to be "true Masons" have fought throughout northern Italy. Some possess Solificati secrets, Hermetic ties or Craftmason affiliations, but most are simply mortal guilds. Diplomat Luis takes charge of several feuding guilds and resurrects the Solificati under Hermetic patronage.[1][5]

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