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Trinity Universe: 1436

Events Edit

  • 1419-1436: Hussite Wars. Followers of the burned Reformator Jan Hus attack the Catholic Church in Bohemia (modern Czechia), demanding a church independent from Rome. They soon split into a radical wing (the Taborites) and the moderate wing (the Utraquists). The Order of Reason nearly divides itself over the conflict, with the Craftmasons supporting the Hussites and the Cabal of Pure Thought supporting the Catholics.[1]
  • 1436-1440: The Glastonbury Circulus organizes a formidable resistance against Wyndgarde's March.[2]
  • The Gutenberg Press is invented, allowing for the mass production of books, journals and pamphlets, undercutting the Church's monopoly on information and literacy.[3]
  • English troops withdraw from Paris in the endphase of the Hundred Year's War .[4]

References Edit

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