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Real life: 1413

Chronicles of Darkness: 1413

Classic World of Darkness: 1413

Trinity Universe: 1413

Events Edit

  • Battle of Tzimisce's Cathedral: Tzimisce anarchs lead by Lugoj attack the Tzimisce Antediluvian's haven at the monastery of Sernog.[1] During the battle the Antediluvian disguises itself as Lugoj and quietly disposes of the anarch leader, then goes on to make a show of diablerizing a fake duplicate of itself. After declaring the Anarch attack successful, [Tzimisce] as Lugoj states that he shall enter torpor and awaken to aid the Tzimisce against the Antediluvians come Gehenna. Only Lambach Ruthven is able to see what really happened, but is too terrified to act.[2]
  • Brunelleschi develops techniques for the representation of linear perspective in art.[3]

References Edit

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