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Real life: 1381

Chronicles of Darkness: 1381

Classic World of Darkness: 1381

Trinity Universe: 1381

Events Edit

  • Mortal Patricia of Bollingbroke, lover of the English peasant Wat Tyler, is captured and sentenced to death following Tyler's successful revolt against the nobility of London. Patricia is Embraced by the Brujah Robin Leeland who makes her swear to continue her fight for justice into unlife. Patricia takes Tyler's name after her lover's death and eventually escapes to Spain after a series of unsuccessful attacks on the English nobility.[1]
  • The Coil of the Lion moves what is believed to be the torpid body of Set. They are ambushed by Nasch and his Mamluk servants, who kill most of the cult. Nasch opens the sarcophagus and is overwhelmed by the primordial power of the being within. When he tastes its blood, he falls into a decade-long torpor.[2]

References Edit

  1. VTM: Guide to the Anarchs, p. 12
  2. VTM: Children of the Revolution, p. 81

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