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The 14th century in the Classic World of Darkness.


  • By the end of the century, the Lhiannan bloodline dies out, destroyed by loss of wilderness territory and the church's extermination of pagan practices. [1][2][3]
  • The early 1300s are described as being part of the reign of Jack Debiltongue, a great Bone Gnawer of England, who rules over the Garou of London. He manages to save many wolves from death, slays ruffians who abuse the poor, and defeats the Black Spiral Dancer Drededoom and his followers.[6]
  • The Silver Fang house known as House Wyrmfoe may have arisen during the middle part of this century.[7] Alternatively, they may have been officially recognized in the 1200s for their efforts to save many Garou Kinfolk (of a variety of tribes, not only those of the Silver Fangs) from the Inquisition. [8] See [Burning Times]] for more information.
  • The Black Furies' Sisterhood is formed to keep wise women and kinfolk safe from the Inquisition.[9]
  • The Black Plague spreads across Eurasia, allegedly created by the Ratkin Plague Lords. (Note: Page 89 of WTA: Ratkin (book) Bullet-pdf Bullet-nip alleges this happened in the 1100s, but the earliest historical accounts of the Black Death date to the early 1330s in China. Presumably this was an error on the author's part; here I assume the actual historical time range for the plague's emergence.)[10][11][12]

Late 14th Century Edit


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