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Real life: 1241

Chronicles of Darkness: 1241

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Trinity Universe: 1241

Events Edit

  • 1208-1244: Albigensian Crusade against the Cathars in France continues. The war results in the complete destruction of the cultures of Provençe and Aquitaine.[1][2]
  • With the death of King Ivan II, the Bulgarian Empire fragments.[3]
  • The Mongols invade Belgrade.[4]
  • The Mongols defeat the people of Volga Bulgaria. Over eighty percent of the Volga population is dead and all major settlements have been razed to the ground.[5]
  • Pope Gregory IX dies, as does his successor Celestine IV, just two weeks after his inauguration. The papacy will remain vacant for two years after that. [6]

December Edit

References Edit

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1240 1200s

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