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Events Edit

  • The Archbishop of Tours incites the people to throw off English rule and deliver themselves to the King of France. They overrun the English garrison, and King Philip I Augustus arrives just in time to defeat the English barons. Philip Augustus becomes the first French king to celebrate mass in the cathedral in over 50 years.[1]
  • The Doge of Venice convinces crusaders attack Zara in order to delay the 80,000 marks demanded by the Doge for the army's passage to the Holy Land.[2]
  • Ivan Asen is crowned king of Bulgaria by a legate of Pope Innocent III.[3]
  • Byzantine Emperor Isaac II is blinded and deposed by his brother, who becomes Alexius III. Isaac's son promises to pay for the passage for crusaders to go to the Holy Lands on condition they pass through Constantinople to help him restore his father to the throne. They agree, and Isaac II is put back on the throne ruling with his son Alexius IV as co-emperor. However, being unable to deliver on his promises, crusaders place Alexius V on the throne, who throws Isaac and Alexius IV in jail. The crusaders decide they've had enough and sack Constantinople.[4]

References Edit

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