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Events Edit

  • 1352 BCE - 1280 BCE: The 18th Dynasty is ruled by Amenophis IV, who abandons his name to become Akhenaton. Akhenaton forbids the temples of the other gods to worship only the sun itself -as Aton. He receives resistance from the various temples and their Kindred supporters. The Cults of Horus and Set are first one to challenge the new religion, with the other cults staying hidden and practicing their beliefs out of side. The Cult of Set eventually betrays the other temples to the new regime to force them to take sides. In the wake of the battle, the Cult of Horus vanishes and the followers of Set are rumored to have met destruction. After Akhenaten dies, his regime crumbles, with numerous successors vying for short-lived control over the country. The leaders of the remaining Kindred cults gather together to form the first historically noted Covenant, to bring back stability to their country.[1]
  • 1279 BCE - 1212 BCE: The 19th Dynasty rules Egypt. The Kindred organize themselves according to the new temple distributions of Ramesses II. The Usiri bloodline claims Naqad, the Bak-Ra claim Karnak, the Anubi claim Khemennu. Of the bloodlines of other gods, such as Set, Bastet, Isis and therelike, no trace can be found in the 21th century. Vampires manage to ghoul Ramesses, allowing him to live up to the age of 90.[1]

References Edit

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