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The second century BCE in the Classic World of Darkness.

Events Edit

  • 186 BCE: The Roman Senate outlaws all lodges and playhouses of Bacchus (Dionysus).[7]
  • 175 BCE: Aristarchus begins his tenure as the fifth Librarian at the Library of Alexandria. He is one of the first known people to suggest a heliocentric model of the solar system.[8]
  • 166 BCE: Judah Maccabeus begins to lead guerilla attacks against the Greeks that occupy Israel.[9]
  • 165 BCE: The Maccabees defeat the Greeks and retake Jerusalem.[9]
  • 150 BCE: Roman Cult of Mercury at its height. Magi cast spells in large groups using many expensive rites. Generally operates covertly.[2]
  • 115 BCE - 300 AD: The first Himyarine period.[12]
  • 104 BCE: The mummy known as "Jacob" is born at approximately this time (100 years before Christ).[14]
  • Archimedes builds large-scale machines, such as the hydraulic screw and war engines.[17]
  • The Sacred Congregation is founded, marking the end of the Celestial Chorus' First Age and the beginning of the Second Age.[18][19]
  • Rome's representative government suffers a slow decline, as senators power is directly proportional to how close his legions are stationed to Rome.[20]

Late 2nd Century BCE Edit

  • A Nephandus known as Domitius Tanicius Linus lives among the Roman occupational army as an advisor. After challenging a cabal to retake a stolen Node, they shatter his Avatar and curse him to live as long as the Node holds strength. From this point on, Bosnia knows no peace.[21]

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