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The first century CE/AD in the Classic World of Darkness.

Events Edit

  • Messianic Voices forms as a faction within the Hermetics which espouses the teachings of Christ.[3]
  • In an attempt to increase the popularity of technology, the Artificer Hero of Alexandria writes the Pneumatics and creates ingenious gadgets to amuse idle spectators. Among other things, he creates a puppet show with automatically-closing curtains, a device to open temple doors when a fire is lit, a machine to dispense holy water.[4]
  • A mysterious race of sentinels appears in the Grand Hall of Endless Gates. Travellers can wander the Hall, but are not permitted to set up residence.[5]
  • By this time, Laos' Ban Chiang civilization has organized into several city-states, called mandalas.[6]
  • The Sacred Congregation undergoes a rapid conversion to Christianity.[7]
  • The first organized conservation effort of traditional ways begins this century.[8]

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