Ημερες Πυρος, or Imeres Pyros, is an apocalyptic document written in Greek. Also known as the "Yale Text," Yale researcher Yves Darra considers it superior to the Latin text Dies Ignis. He was recently working on a new English translation, titled Days of Fire, but was unfortunately killed shortly before its 2003 publication.

Ημερες Πυρος was supposedly written by Lucifer himself, detailing history of the world in four sections, from its beginnings to the apocalyptic end. The fifth section details three possible routes for humanity to escape the coming Time of Judgment.

There is some argument as to which text came first: the Latin Dies Ignis or the Greek Ημερες Πυρος. While both texts repeat largely the same information it roughly the same manner, it seems that if one was to read both texts, they mesh together and tell a more complete story. Among those who came to understand the fullness of both texts were John the Baptist and FBI (SAD) investigator Woodrow Miller.

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